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In 2016, I was battling against the impact that burnout and mental illness was having on my teaching performance and lifestyle. My relationships with others suffered, but more importantly my relationship with myself was horrific. My soul was crushed and I was a shell of the person I had been years prior.

The self-doubt, pity, worry and anxiety that had manifested was draining me of all my energy and causing me to lose my sense of purpose and inspiration. I lacked courage, perspective and resilience and this left me feeling empty, isolated and with no sense of fulfillment. I wasn't making time for me and I became more stressed about being stressed. I felt like a lost little boy, in a world where nobody loved him. 


I had lost my direction and the people around me deserved better, I deserved better. This was no place for a teacher to be and I had to take a break to face the dark clouds in my life. The hardest part was admitting I needed help, but this was the most liberating and powerful part of the journey. Once I released the feelings and emotions to the world, my life started to change.

3 years later...

I am now the proud and inspired leader and founder of Smile...

Through the pain and adversity of being at rock bottom I had no other option but to get up and grow, and during this transformational process I discovered the the greatest gift of all... 



From being medicated for anxiety and depression when I couldn't manage to get out of bed in the morning to becoming a keynote speaker and facilitator who is now free from medication and managing a challenging and busy lifestyle, I have a powerful range of tools and strategies that I discovered to help me transform my life and career, now I am collaborating with a range of experts to share the most powerful ways to cultivate self-love and positivity. We have fabulous programs that combine  learning with self-care and self-love.


I am living proof that by investing in a program like this, you will develop a whole new sense of vitality. Immersing yourself in our unique and powerful experiences, such as a workshop or retreat, gives guests a chance to hit pause and take a deep breath while they reconnect and nourish their mind, body and soul.


We have an inspiring team who are passionate about changing lives so that we have inspiring and passionate people who can make a positive difference in the world. We understand the challenges that you face and we are ready to show you how to live with more energy, love and abundance.

Shaun Kay- Smile Teachers