Making Magic


Whole school community

Magic has the power to seemingly defy logic but in truth it is mindfulness on steroids. Magic entertains, engages, crosses language boundaries, involves discipline and is often made with the most simple of ingredients.

Girl with Gingerbread Man


Whole school community

The cultivation of our desire to know. Curious people tend to be smarter, more creative and successful. Let's grow curiosity!


Hacking Tech

All ages

Our world is driven by tech. Is it working for your students or against them? Learn how to safely use technology to help you not harm you.


First aid for your brain

Whole school community

Our brains need special care to function at their peak. Students learn awesome strategies and tips to learn faster and improve study skills.



Whole school community

Being truly happy with who you are is life's greatest blessing. Find out how to develop this in your students.


Mindset Manoeuvre

All ages

Students can learn to access the right mindset at the right time. These allows them to make better decisions and achieve goals.

Resting Surfer

Attentive Mindfulness

All ages

Allows students to live in the moment. Proven to reduce stress and mental health disorders, improving quality of life.


Reducing Risks

Whole school community

Risk-taking behaviour in students is higher than ever. Let's work together to protect our young people.

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