Your Rituals Make You Influential

Being a highly engaging, motivational leader requires a particular level of practice.

A practice that I believe I have personally mastered and helped hundreds of others to do the same.

Developing a world-class routine is essential if you want to feel good while changing lives.

The first thing I ask a teacher when they start to explain why they have no energy, enthusiasm or zest for life is the following:

What does your morning routine look like?

Most are dumbfounded and can’t seem to connect the dots.

Until I share with them the secrets I learned many years ago from expert leaders such Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, and Jim Rohn.

I share the daily rituals that have changed my life, these rituals helped me go from burnt out and clinically depressed to the high vibrational human being I am today.

The first consistent practice that has always helped me to win the day starts at 5am…

Yes, it took some minor adjustment and DISCIPLINE to jump-start my days.

But, joining the 5AM Club profoundly transforms your day, just ask any ancient Indigenous tribe or better still read Robin Sharma’s, New York Times Best Selling Book, The 5AM Club.

Once I wake up… as my feet hit the ground, I immediately say THANK YOU!

Left foot= thank

Right foot= you

Thank you for another glorious day.

Join the 5AM CLUB.

It is the most beautiful part of the day… I rise before the sun for a number of reasons:

-It is SILENT; there is rarely any other form of life or noise at this time, making it great to just BE with myself and THINK about the day ahead.

-It is so STILL; no people or traffic or noise at this time, allows for a very surreal feeling of PEACE, CALM and BALANCE.

-I watch the sunrise; there is so much magic in witnessing the sunrise. At the very least I AM GRATEFUL to be grounded and safe in a beautiful country, where I can see the sunrise. Ever wonder why monks have been doing this for thousands of years?

It is during these moments first thing in the morning that the real ANSWERS and solutions I am searching for are most clear.

During Covid-19 continuing this daily practice was critical to my self-care.

I now look back at the past few months as being a great lesson for me, through the hardships, came dedication and determination to grow from the process.

Today I wake up in one of the most BEAUTUIFUL locations in the world, surrounded by natural wonder, I have developed the rituals and thoughts that allow me to live with strength, vitality and optimism, regardless of my circumstances.

Below is a snapshot of the morning ritual, I hope that it inspires you to make a small change, even just 2% that will help you to find your FLOW it is these small changes that can have a huge IMPACT and TRANSFORM your life.


Win the first hour and you’ll win the day!

Here is the HOUR OF POWER practice that I love and what sets me up for a beautiful day:

1- If my body clock hasn’t already woken me my alarm goes off. I take 10 deep breaths as I lay there looking up at the ceiling, then sliding off the side of the bed and placing my feet down as I say THANK YOU.

2- I learned about the Whim Hoff method and for the past few months I look forward to the POWER shower. I start with 30seconds as hot as I can take it and wait as I count to 30 and then blast myself with freezing cold water! I repeat this cycle 3 times and by the end of it I feel so alive and awake. Tingly actually.

3- I am headed out the front door and of for a 10-15 minute wander as I do some breathwork. By 5:30am I am feeling present and mindful, thanks to concentrating on the breath.

4- I sit down write and set some intentions for the day. Focusing on GRATITUDE and AFFIRMING my vision and goals. I have 8 daily questions I reflect on.

5- I press play on a randomly selected morning track. Abraham Hicks or Tony Robbins features regularly, as does Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Eric Thomas or Jim Rohn just to name a few. I start making breakfast while listening intently. Alternatively, I play some Positive Affirmations or Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction coaching.

6- Every morning I have a wholesome nutritious breakfast, usually a vegetarian omelette or granola and fruit. Just recently, I have started using a nutritional cleansing product to start healing my gut microbiome and WOW! I notice such a big difference… more on this later.

*I really make sure I am present and enjoying my food and not SCROLLING social media.

7- I am plugged in tapped in turned on and I step out and go forward with PASSION, PURPOSE, and CLARITY.

Can you honestly say you prepare for the day like this?

What does your morning routine include?

Are you disciplined with your morning routine?

How many times do you hit the snooze button?

Today, choose just ONE THING from the list above and start integrating into your morning routine.

Do it for 7 days and email me how you feel after one week.

I’d love to hear from you.

If you would like support on setting up a winning routine, please book a free discovery call with me.

Much love, Shaun

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