Do you struggle with anxiety?

Have you ever had a panic attack?

I have.

It was when I was doing my biggest ever consulting job and I subconsciously felt I wasn't good enough to do it!


My mind jumped out, stuck a gun to my head and welded me to the spot when I was trying to put my shoes on to walk out the door. I couldn't move a muscle even though the principal who was coming to pick me up was knocking on the door!

I pretended that had seriously damaged my back, while thinking that maybe I had a heart attack or lost my mind all in the same moment.

I forced myself out that door as white as a sheet and got somehow through the day, terrified that "it" would come back and paralyze me again....

I wish I had have had this clip to help me through!

Now I have no problem with the whole stuff, I have more experience with the way my brain works and easily deflect the rising panic and enjoy the adrenaline rush of a hard challenge as a real positive.

How are you going to let your brain treat you today.

Be excited!​

Be happy, teach well

Greg Mitchell

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