Breathe into Self-Love

I'm here to talk to you about compromising your life when are you going to stop compromising your life for what everybody else wants you to do?

It is your life.

Stop trying to sit there and trying to impress everybody.

Stop trying to be everybody's friend, stop trying to make everybody's day.

If you want to do that then you should give out lollipops and candy.

But that's not what life is made of, that's not what life is about.

Your life is about taking full advantage of your happiness and it's just that it is your happiness.

Stop compromising your life for other people.

Do not let anybody tell you what, where, why you should love or like something just go out there and do it.

Stop compromising your life for people who really don't care if you succeed or fail.

And that's the truth.

We hear excuses all the time…

I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the energy.

No, this shows you don't love yourself!

Get off the pity potty and start putting yourself first. The only way to make a change is to do the work. You have to have the discipline to be consistent with action. The only reason you aren't putting yourself first is because you don't value who you are.

You can start to love yourself more, right now.

The results in your life at the present moment are a direct reflection of your past choices, are you truly happy with where you are at?

Do you want more for your life? Do you believe there is a better future ahead?

Living the life of your dreams is only possible when you learn to love yourself first. I know this, after breaking into a million pieces three years ago and wanting to give it all up... I have discovered the importance of loving yourself first.

My daily rituals are what set me a part from my past self, the past self that caused me so much pain and suffering. The past self that suffered from burnout, mental illness and feelings of being useless to the world. I was a shell of man and empty teacher, thankfully I have been on an incredible journey that allows me to impact others like you.

It takes work, it took me time and money and is still something I am working on personally. I don’t fully love who I am yet, but I am a whole lot better since embracing self-love and putting myself first.

I can confidently say I am UNFUCKWITHABLE, I do not let other peoples opinions, comments or behaviours impact on me anymore. I have learnt to have compassion for those that feel the need to criticise, judge or hurt me. I have discovered the power of giving and showing love to all.

It really is powerful, instead of being in a REACTIVE, trigger, fight-or-flight, trigger loop that drains your energy and burns you out. We can easily move to higher ground with a simple breathing technique called HEART FOCUSED BREATHING. This moves us into a give-receive loop that opens us up to receiving and love just as fast as we give it and guess what… this FILLS YOUR CUP!

Listen to our podcast episode: Breathe into Self-Love and stop compromising your life, start loving yourself first.

You have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone go out there and tackle obstacles, goals that you want to achieve not your mom, not your dad not your girlfriend, not your brothers and sisters, not your kids.

You have to go out and do what’s best for you.

You will not be a good father, you will not be a good husband you will not be a good wife if you are unable to love yourself.

You have the same 24 hours that everybody else has.

You have the same 24 hours as Oprah, Branson and every other successful human.

You have the same 24 hours that the bum has.

What are you going to do with your time?

Enough is enough!

Repeats it out loud:

I am enough!

I am worthy of love!

I am loving myself!

I am a powerful human being!

I am magnificent!

Self-Love first <3


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