A passionate young teacher who has travelled the world and just loves connecting with people. Always open, honest and raw. His love is making you SMILE.

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Shaun Kay

I'm Shaun and I have a strong connection to helping people live their best life. I have a passion for sharing my story and helping other to be the very best version of themselves.

As a young teacher I experienced a very unexpected battle with mental health. Fortunately I came out the other side, but during this difficult time I discovered many significant strategies and lessons that have helped me become more confident and motivated as a teacher, making me a strong positive role model for my students. The road I travelled was difficult and I passionately advocate that it doesn't take a significant life event to kick your ass into gear. I have used my challenges and experience to create a platform to influence teachers, students and schools to adopt a healthy and happy lifestyle. I want everybody to take responsibility and start living well!

Together with Greg, we have created a dynamic learning program that empowers others to perform at their very best. We believe self-love is  fundamentally the single most important asset in society and we all need this to be functioning optimally, where we have a positive impact on others.

I have a highly developed knowledge of human performance and sports psychology after studying this at university, combined with a deep understanding of well being and mental health and I firmly believe that our programs are the remedy for helping you manage your health and happiness.

I have been presenting for 6 years on health and wellness and most recently developed the highly successful self-love and self development programs that will help you perform at your peak. I look forward to having you as part of our community at SMILE Teachers.


Greg Mitchell is an education consultant, and full time enthusiasm addict. Greg will teach you his secrets to being a confident and charismatic teacher.

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Greg Mitchell

Greg has been a teacher since 1980 and has presented thousands of workshops to teachers for over twenty years. Greg first started his consulting career as the "Science Guy" for Catholic Education in Perth before finally finding a boss he resonated with and started his own consulting business.


Greg's workshops use his whole bag of tricks; including games, personal stories, video clips, cooperative interaction and a whole variety of teaching techniques to ensure that the message is learned clearly by each group he is working with. This could be uncomfortable stuff if it wasn't for Greg's highly researched content and his ability to deliver complex and challenging messages, with empathy, humour and his uncompromisingly generous sharing of resources.


As one teacher put it after a workshop with Greg, "This is the most entertaining and useful workshop I have ever been to!"

When attending anything that involves "Major Mitchell" you can guarantee to walk away happy, excited and loving life. His energy is contagious and he just wants you to SMILE.

Greg has a zest for life and at 65 years old he isn't slowing down, he is working hard to bring the very best content to life to changes the lives of others.