Do you believe that your students deserve the best teacher you can possibly be?















This is your opportunity to practice wellness and self-care you’ll need to show up fully for your students and perform your best next term. 

This is your opportunity to slow down after your busy first term and disconnect from your day-to-day responsibilities so that you can reconnect to what’s really important — YOU!

Welcome to the perfect combination of rest, reflection, and reconnection at the Smile Teachers Retreat set in the beautiful and grounding hillscape of Noosa, Queensland, where you will be nourished physically, mentally and emotionally by the great food, inspiring workshops and new friendships you’ll make during this amazing experience.

The Smile Teachers Retreat has been designed especially for you.

But, it won’t just benefit you alone…

This experience will focus on your happiness and empower you to enrich the happiness of your students, friends and family too…

Self-love is the key to your happiness and energy, which affects the happiness and energy of every student you teach — and every person whose lives you touch.


And, contrary to popular belief, self-love is not selfish — it's one of the most selfless acts we can do to inspire others to live a more purposeful life. 


Babies are born loving themselves, so imagine a world where we all embodied self-love from birth and had it nurtured within us in our childhood and teenage years. 


This is your opportunity to embody self-love and show, by example, what living life fully with purpose can look and feel like. 


By giving yourself permission to join this experience, not only will you become a ‘self-love leader’, but you’ll be given the tools you need to be an inspirational influence to future generations, thus making a bigger impact in the world at large.

Smile Teachers Retreat Holistic Self-Care Program includes:

  • Breathwork (Alchemy of the Breath)

  • ​Self-development workshops

  • ​Manifestation and visualization sessions

  • ​Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes

  • ​Meditation and Pranayama classes

  • ​Life coaching for stress management

  • ​Nutrition and fitness workshops

Smile Teachers Retreat Professional Development Program includes:​

  • ​Relationship management

  • ​Emotional Intelligence practices

  • ​Mindfulness

  • Neuroscience and neuroplasticity (mindset and mindfulness)

Teachers, you deserve this!

First, I want to say THANK YOU for being a teacher. You have made the courageous decision to make a big difference in the lives of generations to come, which can impact the future of our world in a very powerful way. 


Through your act of selfless giving, you create a ripple effect that is limitless in its reach.


But now is the time for YOU to give back to yourself. Fill your cup first, so that you can continue to give from a place of inspiration, joy and overflow. 

Our Mission

Your happiness and energy affect the happiness and energy of every student you teach and every person whose lives you touch — including your friends and family.

Self-love is one of the most selfless acts we can do, and it is the key to accessing our happiness.

By supporting teachers in embodying self-love, we give them the tools they need to live life fully with purpose and show others what this can look and feel like to create the ripple effect the world needs right now. 



Created with love from someone who understands

Smile Teachers was born out of an experience close to the heart. One you may even recognise yourself or have seen in others. 


Our founder, Shaun Kay, knows all too well the effects of the demanding realm of teaching — consistently showing up, giving 110% of your energy and time, and always being ‘on the go’. However, this unsustainable existence eventually led Shaun to experience burnout at an early stage in his career, which manifested in low-performance teaching. He realised what once was his passion for inspiring others now felt like a heavy burden. 


He knew a change was needed. 


Shaun’s personal journey of self-discovery and personal development inspired him to create Smile Teachers, a movement to encourage teachers just like you to give back to yourself first so that you stay energised and inspired to continue doing what you love — teaching. 


The Smile Teachers Retreat is a chance for you to experience Shaun’s processes, and take away with you the lessons and connection to your true purpose in order to kickstart your new teaching year/term with the energy you wish to share with your students, family, community, and the world at large. 

Joining the Smile Teachers Retreat will revolutionise the way you teach, as well as how you show up in the world. 


Why is this for you?

Do you feel burnout and exhausted from the ever-increasing demands of being a teacher? Not to mention having to juggle your family life and other responsibilities on top of your daily tasks. 

Even if you’re new to teaching, the demands expected of you can leave you feeling depleted mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically, which makes it easy to forget to give back to yourself what you need to stay energised and inspired. 

This is why we must choose to step away from our roles as teachers for some time and in order to reconnect back to why we have chosen to be thought-leaders and knowledge-inspirers in the first place.

This is where Smile Teachers comes in, and this is exactly why the Noosa Smile Teachers Retreat has been designed for YOU.

The Smile Teachers Retreat was created because of my own experience. As I mentioned earlier, I know what it feels like to go through this emotional and physical pain and come out the other side. Some of you may, thankfully, have not felt this intensity, although I’m sure all of us, at some point, have felt the energy of constantly giving and not filling ourselves up in the process.

In 2016, I battled against the impact that burnout and mental illness were having on my teaching performance — and my life in general. My relationships with others suffered, but more importantly, my relationship with myself was horrific. Of course, this had knock-on effects on everything I did — my work included.


The self-doubt, pity, worry, and anxiety that had manifested within me was draining of all my energy and causing me to lose my sense of purpose and inspiration. I lacked courage, perspective, and resilience and this left me feeling empty, isolated and with no sense of fulfillment. 


I wasn't making time for myself and I became even more stressed about being stressed.


I had lost my direction, even though I knew my students deserved better. This was no place for a teacher to be and I had to take a break to face the dark clouds in my life.


Fast forward to 3 years later...


I am now the proud and inspiring retreat leader and founder of Smile Teachers.

Through the pain and adversity, I felt at being rock bottom, I had no other option but to get up and grow. During this transformational process, I discovered the greatest gift of all... 




The tools and strategies that I discovered along the way helped me to transform my life and career, and now I collaborate with a range of experts to share the most powerful ways to cultivate self-love and teach well and from the heart. We have created a fabulous program that combines professional learning for teachers with self-care/self-love practices that you can use for the rest of your life.


I am living proof that by investing in a program like this, you will develop a whole new sense of inspiration and vitality. By immersing yourself in this unique and powerful experience, you will get the chance to hit the pause button, take a deep breath, and reconnect and nourish your mind, body, and soul.


The Smile Teachers Retreat in Noosa, Queensland will be facilitated by a team that are passionate about changing the lives of teachers so that our schools have inspiring and passionate educators who embody self-love, happiness, and positivity. 


We understand the challenges that teachers and thought-leaders face in the world and we are ready to show you how to live your life with more energy, love, and abundance.



Shaun Kay — Smile Teachers


Sample Schedule

Below is an example of what a day on our retreat may look like. Note that each day is unique and times/activities for sessions may be different.

  • 7:30-8:30am: Vinyasa Yoga Flow 

  • ​8:30-9:30am: Home Cooked Healing Breakfast

  • 10:00-12:00pm: ​Believe in Better Workshop 

  • ​12:00-1:00pm: Nourishing Natural Lunch

  • ​4:30-5:30pm: ​Breathwork and Meditation in the Classroom Workshop

  • ​7:00pm: Self-Love Circle: Candle Lit Empowerment Session

To join the April 2020 Smile Teachers Retreat in Noosa, Queensland, a $300 deposit is requested to secure your place. 

Upon receipt of payment, you will be required to fill out a short registration form. 

We then request full payment to be made within 14 days before the retreat start date of 14th of April, unless special arrangements have been made previously.

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