the self-love retreat that fills your cup.

"I loved the range of PD. It was fun, energetic and I've learnt so many new strategies"

5-11th July 2020

The Mansion, Ubud

Your students deserve the greatest teacher ever, and that starts with YOU.


This is your opportunity to practice wellness and self-care, so you can show up fully and perform your best.


Welcome to the perfect getaway to rest, reflection, and rejuvenation.


Join us on the island paradise of Bali. 


The Mansion

Ubud, Bali 


Bookings Include:

  • Luxury health resort accommodation for 6 nights

  • Approx. 15 hours of professional development 

  • Traditional Balinese Welcome Ceremony

  • Quality gourmet meals: all breakfasts, lunches, and dinners provided (mostly organic)

  • Unlimited natural spring water

  • Daily room keeping service

  • Yoga classes daily

  • All-day access to fitness and yoga

  • Functional training sessions

  • Life-Changing Ancient Sound Healing

  • 1 hour massage at health spa

  • Local food and permaculture experienc

  • Personal journal and workbook

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Photo package

  • Loads more of additions to come...

From $2000

Are you interested?

What the Teachers' Say:

Meet the Team

Shaun Kay

Teacher/Retreat Leader |

Mindfulness | Wellness



Indri Hapsari

Conscious Breathwork | Reiki |  Yoga Practitioner


The Team

Fitness | Nutrition | Yoga | Massage | Life Coaching

Program Outline


  • Breath work (Alchemy of the Breath)

  • Self-love and personal growth

  • Massage and day spa

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Stress management coaching

  • Nutrition and fitness

Professional Development

Such as:

  • Behaviour management

  • Teaching and learning

  • Relationships

  • Emotional Intelligence's

  • Collaborative approach

  • Mindsets (fixed, growth, benefit)

Created with love, from someone who understands.

Smile Teachers was born out of an experience close to the heart. One you may even recognise and seen in others or yourself. 


Our founder, Shaun Kay, knows all too well the effect of constantly showing up, giving 110% of his energy and time, and always being on-the-go in the demanding realm of teaching. Experiencing burnout, leading to low-performance teaching and obscuring what once was his passion for inspiring others, to feel like a heavy burden, he knew a change was needed. 


His personal journey of discovery and development led him to the creation of Smile Teachers, a movement to encourage teachers like you to continue to fill yourself up, and give back to yourself so that you stay energise and inspired to continue to do what you love. 


This retreat is a chance for you to experience this, and take with you the lessons and connection to your true purpose, to kick-start your new teaching year with the energy you wish to share with your students, family, community, and the world. 

It will revolutionise how you teach, as well as how you move through the world. 

Have you felt this all-too-common feeling of burnout and exhaustion from working as a present leader and teacher in? Not to mention juggling families and other responsibilities on top of it all. 


Even if you’re new to teaching, it demands so much from us mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically. It can be easy to forget to give ourselves what we need to stay energised and inspired, and this is why we must choose to step away from this space for some time and connect back to why we have chosen to be thought-leaders and knowledge-inspirers in the first place.


This is where Smile Teachers comes in, and this is exactly why the Bali Retreat for teachers has been designed for YOU.


It was birthed from my own experience, as I mentioned earlier because I know what it feels like to go through this and come out of the other side. Some of you may thankfully have not have felt this intensity, though I’m sure all of us, at some point, have felt that energy of constantly giving and not filling ourselves up in the process.


In 2016, I was battling against the impact that burnout and mental illness were having on my teaching performance and lifestyle. My relationships with others suffered, but more importantly, my relationship with myself was horrific. Of course, this had follow-on effects to everything I did in my life - my work included.


The self-doubt, pity, worry, and anxiety that had manifested was draining me of all my energy and causing me to lose my sense of purpose and inspiration. I lacked courage, perspective, and resilience and this left me feeling empty, isolated and with no sense of fulfillment. I wasn't making time for me and I became more stressed about being stressed.


I had lost my direction and my students deserved better. This was no place for a teacher to be and I had to take a break to face the dark clouds in my life.


3 years later...


I am now the proud and inspiring retreat leader and founder of Smile Teachers.

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