Waking up as the opposite sex.

If you woke up tomorrow as the opposite gender … what would change for you?

This is a huge question to answer. Some people believe their whole life would change and some say “nothing much”.

The biggest thing that would change is the way that people treat you would change.

Females would find it extremely hard to live in a world that constantly dismissed your feelings and men would find it hard to cope with the casual sexism that women meet every day…

This clip sounds hard to watch when I explain it’s by a US pastor talking about the differences between men’s brains and women’s brains but it starts the most wonderful discussions… and it's super funny and will make you SMILE :)

Watch it as someone of the opposite gender and see what you think?

Is this true for you or have you escaped the stereotype?

If Gender were a continuum where does your operating system fall more toward the “male” or “female” side?

Truth be known we all have a little bit of both in all of us.

Does the label matter?

Are you happy being labelled with the labels given to you?

What label are you going to ditch today?

Be Happy, Teach Well

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