Turning PD into PEEEE DEEEEE!

Friday Funnies and Four F's. Let's have a bit of fun today, after all it's Friday!

Most teacher training and learning doesn’t last. No depth. We attend a course and vow to transform our teaching. We say we’ll be better teachers, more effective leaders and wiser role models. A week later, it’s back to business as usual- seeing the negatives, playing the victim and being grumpy. The training and learning didn’t work. Because we didn’t change.

Think of the best professional course, seminar, workshop or event that you have attended as part of your continual growth as an educator or leader.

What was it that made it so special?

Now think about the teacher training or development you have undertaken in your career.

How much of that learning and teaching did you actually remember and did you put it all into practice?

My guess is no, for the most part. We work extremely hard at Smile Teachers to create valuable, relevant, authentic and inclusive experiences, where teachers are an important part of the program. We don’t just stand and deliver. We narrate, create and collaborate.

Today we are going to outline for Smile Teachers, why being a part of our community is so unique and how we can support you to develop your career and achieve success. Being able to identify what information is applicable to you is a super human skill in today’s high tech world.

We get bombarded with over 10000 stimuli directly from technology a day, so it can be kind of hard to process what to pay attention to. Smile Teachers is here to help you better understand and navigate the super imposing ways that you can improve and develop your teaching and leadership skills.

Teacher training and professional development, has been around for donkeys years and like most of the ancient dust thats gathered in education. They have ballsed up most of this area as well.

We want to change PD to PEEEEEE DEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Professional development should be meaningful, engaging, cooperative and most of all fun!

Smile Teachers will leave you mesmerized, energised and empowered to make positive changes in the lives of others, starting with your own.

There’s one big thing when it comes to teacher training, the education industry has been broken for years. You don’t train teachers you develop them – a subtle yet important distinction lost along the way. Teacher training is alive and well, but it should have died long, long ago.

While training is often accepted as productive, it rarely is. The terms training and development have somehow become synonymous when they are clearly not. This is more than an argument based on semantics – it’s painfully real.

The big problem with teacher training is it presumes the need for indoctrination on systems, processes and techniques. In addition, training assumes that said systems, processes and techniques are the correct and only way to do things.

When a trainer refers to something as “best practice” you can confidently rest assured that’s not the case. Training focuses on best practices, while development focuses on next practices. Training is often a black and white, one directional, one dimensional, one size fits all, authoritarian approach that imposes static, outdated information on people.

The majority of training takes place within a monologue (lecture/presentation) rather than a dialogue. Perhaps worst of all, training usually occurs within a vacuum driven by past experience, not by future needs.

How you we expect to promote innovation and collaboration working in a system like this?

The solution is simple, scrap training in favor of development. Don’t train leaders, coach them, mentor them, disciple them, and develop them, but please don’t attempt to train them. Teachers are not a circus act (most of the time), although period 6 on a Friday may have a slight resemblance.

Most training attempts to standardise by blending to a norm and acclimating to the status quo, development strives to call out the unique and differentiate by shattering the status quo. Training is something teachers dread and will try and avoid, whereas they will embrace and look forward to development. Development is distinct, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and above all else, actionable.

Smile Teachers is dedicated to development.

Our vision is to be the leaders in developing powerful and resilient teachers through self-discovery and positive career development.

This is why we work tirelessly to bring our teachers the very best development programs and resources. We believe in including teachers in a part of the whole process, our programs aren’t just for your development, they are to help our continual growth and improvement as well.

Lucky for you, it’s Friday and not only is it the end of the week where you find your flow and finish of the week. It’s our chance to give you some final development before your break up for a much deserved weekend.

Today I am going to be sharing with you how to avoid failing at development. With so many courses, programs, workshops, seminars etc. out there for teachers to gain knowledge and skills we firstly need to understand how to avoid wasting your time all together. I am referring to the “Four F’s Syndrome” created by leadership and development expert, Robin Sharma. I have adapted this to be more applicable to teachers and education leaders.

Together we are going to unpack the four main reasons why teachers resist change and often don’t take the steps to elevate their careers and their lives, even when they have the opportunity to do so.

With greater awareness of these Four F’s- you can make better choices. And when you make better choices, you are certain to experience better development.

Key Point: Personal development begins with self-awareness because you can’t improve a weakness or a blind spot you don’t even know about. Once you know better, you can do better.

Here are the four main things that keep us from making the changes we want to make:

Fear: This four letter word can be the biggest broken bridge on your quest for success. We all fear leaving our comfort zone to venture into the unknown. Human beings crave certainty even when it limits us. Most of us don’t like trying new things, it makes us uncomfortable. Like, joining Smile Teachers in Bali for a week, it will be the best week of your career, but you fear the unknown.

The key here is to manage your fear by doing the very thing that scares you. That’s the best way to conquer fear. Do it until you are no longer frightened. The fears you try and escape run towards you. The fears you don’t own will own you. But behind every fear wall lies a precious gift.

What fears are holding you back from elevating your career?

What are you afraid of that you can conquer today?

The next time something scares you, just check in too be sure it's actually going to cause you harm. Like these cats for example, don't let you fears ruin your day!

Failure: No one ever wants to fail. Society beats this message into us from a young age. Failing isn’t allowed. So most of us just stop trying. It’s sad. We won’t even take the first step to improving our health or to deepen our relationships at work or to realise a dream.

How do you know you won’t succeed when you won’t even try?

I made it my mission to give everything and everyone a go, at least once, sometimes twice and eventually I have learnt to fail time and time again. I’m okay with that. Starting Smile Teachers was a huge step for for me and it takes working two jobs and long nights to keep it growing, if you had of told me two years ago I would be on this journey I would have laughed. I would have let the fear of failure stop me.

I deeply believe the greatest risk you can take is to not risk anything at all. Take the small steps first and make them fast. There can be no success without failure. It is imperative to the success of your students that they learn to accept failure and embrace losing.

How can you start to accept failure as a part of life?

Will you join Smile Teachers for the Mindset Manoeuvre Workshop and conquer failure?

Forgetfulness: Forgetful Freddy didn’t make it very far in life. He left his feet behind and when he got chased by a tiger he had no feet to run away. I love this little riddle that helps me remember, to remember!

We all leave the workshop room after an inspirational session ready to change the world. But then we get back to school the next day and reality kicks in. Difficult students, unhappy parents, demanding workload and uncooperative staff make acting on the commitments we made to change- hard work. So we forget about them.

Here’s a key to succeeding: keep your commitments at the top of your mind, write them somewhere visible where you regularly look. Heighten your awareness around them. Better self-awareness equals better choices. Better choices equals better results.

Keep the promises you make yourself, front and centre. Don’t forget them. Stick them to your bathroom mirror and read them every morning. Seems silly, but works beautifully. Have a look at my bedroom mirror below. Talk about them a lot and write them in your journal.

Think of a place where you can post your promise or goals. If you take a picture of them and send us a copy on Instagram, Facebook or to our email. We will send you a Smile Teachers prize pack valued at $150.

Here's a Friday funny to remind you to not be forgetful!

Faith: To many people have no faith. They are cynics. “This professional development and personal care stuff doesn’t work” or “I’ve been doing this for too long too change”. This attitude stems from disappointment. Cynical and faithless people weren’t always like that. They were once filled with possibilities and hope. But they tried and perhaps failed. And rather than picking themselves up, dusting themselves and getting back in the game, recognising that failure is the highway to success, they shut down and grew cynical. Their way to avoid getting hurt again.

Do you believe in what you are doing on a daily basis?

Do you believe in professional development like the stuff run by Smile Teachers?

There you have it, the four F’s of why we resist changing our careers through development and showing real leadership in our lives. Understand them and you can better manage and overcome them. Because self-awareness really is the gateway to success and ordinary people like you can craft extraordinary lives. Trust me, we have seen it so many times.

How will you know if you don’t even try?

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