Time with a Terrific Teacher [VLOG]

How did you handle your initial years of teaching?

Did you stay in the driver's seat and smoothly and safely pilot the vehicle through the twisting and turning maze?

Starting your teaching career is not for the faint hearted and it takes a special kind of person to persevere and commit to enriching student lives while in the line of fire. Our current education system has lost the plot and young teachers are "thrown in the deep end" year after year.

You graduate university and are immediately thrust into the boiler room with minimal support and an overloaded curriculum. You are faced with unrealistic expectations from parents, a barrage of standards and professional practices and you are supposed to have a life amongst all of that.

The majority of teachers we connect with are tired, stressed and burnt out, who are going home from work emotional and drained to the core. Yet, they put a brave smile on their face and muster up the energy to give it all a go tomorrow. They are passionate about the kids and they hold a small glimmer of hope that it isn't always going to be this stressful.

Part of the reason we started Smile Teachers was to provide teachers with better coping strategies to manage the highly demanding stressful nature of teaching. We facilitate programs specifically for teachers to feel better about themselves, teach with a higher purpose and to implement empowering strategies in their school.

It is our mission to connect with teachers all over the world to build a strong positive community of passionate teachers. Every teacher we meet has a story and a wide variety of experiences. We then endeavour to involve each teacher with Smile Teachers and work to foster relationships and share knowledge with all of our wonderful people. We love hearing about all teacher's passions, values and vision and how we can help best support them.

Shaun strives to find inspiring teacher's who are willing to share their story with our community and we work to manifest some great content that will help other teachers to better cope, deliver or reflect on teaching.

Occassionally, we meet a teacher who is extra incredible and makes us SMILE from ear to ear.

Shaun recently had the pleasure of connecting with Miss Maddi Gorton who is a primary teacher in Perth, Western Australia.

Miss Gorton has been an outstanding young teacher for 3 years and demonstrates a love for education that rivals many teachers we have ever met. She is so passionate about making her learning environment shine that her students have no choice but to beam with happiness and knowledge.

She acknowledges the path of a teacher isn't always easy, but she has undeniable love for this career and share with us what motivates her and helps her strive to be her best.

She is also a massive advocate for teacher well being and goes above and beyond to get involved in the teaching community and promoting teacher support. Maddi organises Teach Meet WA events for teacher's to connect and she provides many awesome ideas and inspirations through her Instagram page: @miss.gortons.class

Maddi gave up her Saturday morning to share a coffee and chat with Shaun to help build awareness around Smile Teachers and how we are helping teachers to be happy and teach well.

The two of them had a fun and engaging chat at a student art exhibition in Fremantle, that is now available for your viewing below.

Teach Meet WA are meeting on Tuesday the 25th of September at the Windsor Hotel in South Perth at 12pm. More details can be found on Maddi's Instagram page or at Teach Meet WA.

Shaun and Greg will be attending the Teach Meet WA event where they will make a presentation about Smile Teachers and hand out some awesome prizes.

Mindset Manoeuvre Workshop

You can also catch Maddi and many other Perth teachers at out workshop on October 5th at the Wembley Athletic Club. Here you will learn how to use each of the 4 mindsets to make a positive difference, a whole range of engaging and interactive strategies and lessons you can learn implement in your classroom and life. Plenty of take home resources and activities to go with your free coffee and lunch!

Bali Teachers Retreat

Spending a week in a tropical island paradise resort with like minded teachers is the absolutely essential way to start to the 2019 school year. In January, we are holding a teachers retreat in Bali, where we combine PD with rest, relaxation and rejuvenation in a world class health resort.

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