The Book of SMILE

Life is too short not to be happy. Joining our community is the start of something big, you have shown your commitment to quality education, well being and living your best life. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and welcome you with open arms.

There are a few things you should know...

Are you wondering where the idea for SMILE Teachers stemmed from?

Teacher’s please don’t run away because I used the word ST*M.

My goal for SMILE Teachers has always been, to create platform and community that empowers people to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I believe teachers are the most influential people on the planet and we hold the grand piece of the universal puzzle, in the form of our knowledge and our ability to nurture students into successful and conscious leaders.

I have now combined forces with the incredible education guru- Greg Mitchell, who is a mentor and friend. Together we are destined to have a positive impact on wonderful teachers and change the way we think about education for all.

Where did this burning desire to help others come from?

It was just 3 years ago when I started to experience the effects of stress, worry, self-doubt, fatigue and ultimately, this led to anxiety and depression. This put me in a reactive mindset and I was constantly worried, nervous, agitated, irritable, tired etc. My ability to teach, influence, encourage, support and respond to my students was compromised and it took a long while to repair the damage to myself and start to have a more creative and positive impact.

I was fortunate enough that this pain and suffering, ultimately, led me on a path of self-discovery to unlock the most effective ways to manage my well being and health, this has resulted in the best lifestyle I could ever imagine. The relationships, collaboration, sense of community, support and culture I create with in my classes and school has been incredible and I firmly believe this has all stemmed from my ability to manage stress, worry, fear and anxiety. I want you to be able to do the same.

I have a highly developed knowledge of mindfulness, mindset, neuroscience and physiology that I am constantly adapting and evolving to deliver engaging tools to teachers and students.

Let’s be honest, we all know how hard we work and why we show up day after day and do the best job we can, with what resources and support we have. There never seems to be enough time and if there is a spare minute or hour (if you’re super lucky), our mind is either multi-tasking or sure enough somebody else wants our attention.

I have developed SMILE Teachers to empower you with more energy, better moods, focus, concentration, positivity, enjoyment and fulfillment in a career that is phenomenal. This has a flow on effect where your creative mindset and conscious leadership then starts to influence your students, peers, colleagues, parents and community and next thing you know the whole school is becoming more mindful, healthy and happy.

It is my grand vision to provide the wider community with the right "toolbox" to manage and maintain their mental and physical health with ease. SMILE Teachers is guaranteed to change the way you think and feel, and we will have some fun along the way.

Shaun Kay

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