The best 5 seconds of your life!

What do you do when you feel uncomfortable?

I don’t mean when you have your knickers in a twist or your bra strap is irritating your back.

I mean genuinely feeling uncomfortable, out of your depth and unsure of your current situation.

This feeling of unease leaves many teachers feeling lost, afraid and anxious. Worried that you are going to mess up and make a mistake or say something that makes you look stupid is at the forefront of a lot of teachers minds. This fear and anxiety can be paralyzing.

Your emotions take over you and can hijack your whole day… this feeling of MOST resistance is a far cry from the way we want our teachers to be educating.

We cannot change the education system or rigid ways in which we are expected to teach, it is inevitable that one day we will, but for now there are strategies you can use to better manage the uncomfortable situations and actually move out of your comfort zone towards the “growth zone”.

What if you could use this feeling of discomfort to your advantage… to do something positive, empowering or just plain incredible.

How could you employ a Universal Mindset to use your best judgement and make the choice to do something brave?

That’s the magic of the mindset manoeuvre, where you can develop the mental agility to adapt to any situation and choose the right mindset to be your best and roll with it.

It isn’t about being, right or the best, it is all about you having the confidence to share your ideas, thoughts and judgements. To not worry about being criticized, judged or ridiculed. This new sense of confidence will be your greatest skill as a teacher.

How do you acquire such a skill?

You practice it.

How do you get better at anything?


You cannot read about push-ups and expect to get fitter.

The same goes for your brain, you need to be prepared to do the work if you want to get better. It all starts with the simple decision to start.

Mel Robbins is one of my inspirations. She is the best-selling author of the “5 second rule”, a book that had a profound impact on my life and will on yours. Not only is Mel one of the most phenomenal human beings on the planet, I love the way she speaks from the heart and connects with her audience on a deeper level.

Speaking about her “5 second rule” she outlines just how simple it is to start getting out of your comfort zone and she demands you to “Start before you’re ready. Don’t prepare, begin.”

This makes you wonder why we become so stuck in our own heads that we fail to take the next step, when struggling from stress, burn out and/or mental illness it can be even harder to make the decisions that you know will profoundly change your life.

Being stuck in this Fixed Mindset with boots full of concrete is detrimental to your WHOLE LIFE!

I know because a young teacher I felt trapped, alone and lost, with no idea how to escape this negative way of thinking.

“Hesitation is the kiss of death. You might hesitate for a just nanosecond, but that’s all it takes. That one small hesitation triggers a mental system that’s designed to stop you. And it happens in less than—you guessed it—five seconds.”

This is the moment you need to develop the power to initiate your mental agility artillery and catch yourself retreating to your comfort zone. Now that you are equipped and ready, battle hardened and trained for success, you see the opportunity and strike while the iron is hot!

You deploy the 5 second rule:

“The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you must 5-4-3-2-1 and physically move or your brain will stop you.”

Like anything worthwhile, it takes time and practice and the more you can access your mental agility to deploy the 5 second rule, the better you will become at making decisions and finding solutions to the problems in your career and life.

“I was the problem and in five seconds, I could push myself and become the solution.”

Be prepared to make mistakes, own your failures, but be sure to keep on trying, to keep on moving forward and to trust the process teachers. Just as Mel Robbins exclaims in her interview with Ellen DeGeneres I often let my emotions override my instinct and brain power, it is an innate human gift where our emotions often hijack our brain, purely because they are trying to protect us.

“I have a hard time finding the balance between not beating myself up when it doesn’t happen as fast as I’d like it to, and not wasting time while I wait for it to happen.”

As long as you understand the process and you reflect and try again, you will succeed and you will start to make better, meaningful and UNIVERSAL decisions.

“We are all so afraid of uncertainty that we want a guarantee before we even try. We want evidence that if we take a risk we will "get the girl" Its a numbers game. To play any game, you have to start. To win, you need to keep going. If you want to make your dreams come true, get ready for the long game.

Life is not a one and done sort of deal. You've got to work for what you want.

Picasso created nearly 100 masterpieces in his lifetime. But what most people don't know is that he created a total of more then 50,000 works of art. .. That's two pieces of art a day. Success is a numbers game. You are not going to win if you keep telling yourself to wait. The more often that you choose courage, the more likely you'll succeed.”

Here you can watch Mel Robbins summarising her fantastic program and book:

When you are a child you are given many opportunities to practice skills, with patience, time and a goal in mind you get to work on achieving your wildest goals.

Riding a bike, building a tree house, kicking the footy, baking a cake or as I loved to do… scaring the cat! There was quite an art to sneaking up on poor old Bella Puss but geez it was funny when you could make her jump.

All of these little skills were acquired over time and practiced and by the time I got to primary school it was a regular thing where we learnt to try, grow, learn, develop and master new skills. Being the best at something was always motivation for most activities and occasionally, just being able to do it was enough motivation.

This was very much a Growth Mindset and this is still entrenched in education all over the world. It is appropriate at times, but it can be counterproductive and make it very stressful if your expectations are far more unrealistic than achievable. The gap between where you are and where you want to be is a huge stressful shit storm.

There are still many teachers who are stuck in the Growth Mindset.

Just because you put your hand up for the P anc C, sports committee, mental health team, student experience group and cross country coach does not mean you are using your Benefit Mindset. It most likely means you are burning the candle at both ends with a Growth Mindset.

The worst part, you probably disagree with me and think you are above all of that. The truth is, you’re not and the sooner you can learn to adopt a Universal Mindset the better we are all going to be and your students are going to love you.

Many teachers get caught thinking about me, me, me they think that the world revolves around them and their classroom. These teachers often feel uneasy, unfulfilled, not acknowledged for their efforts and seek recognition often… they are trapped with a Growth Mindset and are often navigating education with a foggy windscreen on a wet and windy track!

By learning how to see the benefit in helping others and using your skills and talents to make the world a better place you have the ability to just that. Make a positive difference.

Instead of it being about ME, ME, ME these teachers see the difference WE, WE, WE can make when it is US, US, US.

Our guess is when you started your career in education your goal was to change lives and make a positive difference. To do this you need to adopt a Universal Mindset, but do you know how to do this?

We are sure you have heard of the Fixed and Growth Mindsets, but how do you unlock the Benefit and Universal Mindsets?

We have established this through repetition and practice over many years.

We have outlined why it’s important.

We now want you to start using strategies like the 5-second-rule to develop the mental agility to access the right mindset for the right situation.

Using our Mindset Manoeuvre program is fundamental to your future success in a highly demanding, high stress and emotionally taxing environment.

On Friday the 5th of October you can learn up to 50 new strategies that will positively impact your life and fast track your career towards success and fulfillment.

Are you prepared to do the practice so that you can have that mindset access?

Starting to use the benefit mindset requires cooperation, collaboration and team work to work together to achieve goals and outcomes. This involves you seeing the good in helping other people. Rather than being the one who sits backs and waits, you are proactive, enthusiastic and energetic when it comes to working with other people.

You are eager to learn from others, you take on feedback and are good at listening. Ultimately, you love to share ideas and experiences and you don’t need praise to know you have done a good job. You get satisfaction from the relationship you have built with other people.

The Benefit Mindset is dynamic and transparent, when you are operating with it everybody knows you are willing to get involved and offer your assistance. You are approachable, encouraging and passionate about your career.

By using the Benefit Mindset at the right time you create a feeling of support, care and love for your students and co-workers. The Benefit Mindset is the gateway to the Universal Mindset.

The Universe is a big place and it take’s an even bigger person to understand that and believe that. It takes a teacher who has great judgement and critical thinking to make the right decision at the right time. This teacher will have SELF-AWARENESS, the greatest of all gifts and talents.

Synapses are firing in our brains at an ultra-sonic speed, the world is getting increasingly faster and we are doing our best to move with it.

The Universal Mindset is accessible for all teachers once it is learned and when you take the time to use it.

If you use it correctly it is guaranteed to have you feeling like you really are in on top of the world.

Imagine you are in sitting on the very edge of our atmosphere, the gateway to outer space, looking down on planet earth…

You see the blue of the ocean, the green and brown of the land and the misty grey of the clouds.

Really, that is all you can see… this picture shows you just how fickle and insignificant our physical being on Earth really is.

With this perspective you should realise that although we are a tiny bundle of atoms that make up a microscopic part of the Universe. What we can do is Universal!

The power you have as a teacher is infinite.

Knowledge is the life blood of human existence, for as long as humans have existed we have been thirsty for knowledge. New ways of doing things, better ways of doing things and just things… everything is changing, constantly and the sooner you accept that the more freedom you will have in your career and life.

Life can be over in the blink of an eye.

Life begins in 5 SECONDS (sadly this is all it takes for many males).

Call it a miracle or magic, birthing a child is one of the most incredible experiences available on this Earth.

There is a 1 in 400 trillion chance of a child being born, we are all miracles and magic in our own right.

But, being in the position we are as teacher’s is the greatest responsibility and miracle that we are fortunate to be a part of.

Our career is not for the faint hearted and should not EVER be approached as a pay check, retirement fund builder or “just a job”. If you aren’t up for putting in the work and doing the practice to profoundly improve your life and your student’s development, then we need to discuss a career change.

Having the ability to educate, teach and nurture student minds is a great responsibility and should not be taken lightly. You need to develop the UNIVERSAL MINDSET, the future of our world and universe, depends on it.

We need advancement in so many disciplines, we need to safe the planet and protect our people.

How can we achieve that without using our best judgement and making decisions that benefit the planet?

A UNIVERSAL MINDSET is essential if we want students to grow into positive and successful members of our Universe who have highly developed mental agility to access the right mindset at the right time.

Using your best judgement and self-awareness to make the right decisions is imperative to a students development. It only take 5 SECONDS to do this!

Learning how to use your best judgement to change lives and make the world a better place is a bare necessity for all teachers.

Being able to do this is essential for creating a better world.

We encourage you to join us on this Friday October 5th for our Mindset Manoeuvre workshop where you will have a fantastic day learning up to 50 powerful strategies with other like minded teachers.

With only limited spots left!!!

Check out ST ALI on Yarra Place in South Melbourne. Phenomenal coffee, food and vibe!

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