So really, who are you?

Life is one big question.

Starting with, what are the chances of you even being born?

1 in 400 trillion, you would have a better chance of winning the $100 million dollar lottery 9 times over your life again than you would have being born.

1 in 400 trillion you get a baby band like this...

We are almost impossible. Yet, we often take for granted the very basic and obvious answer that we are super lucky to exist.

While we grace this lifetime on earth. Every action we take is preceded by a question, whether we are aware of this or not.

The question could be as simple as:

“Do i want this?”

“Do I deserve this?”

“What do I do with this now?”

Or “How did this happen?”

Yet, more often than not we’re are unaware of the questions we ask ourselves or how they are shaping our lives.

Developing the self-awareness to tune into these questions is one of the most powerful ways to start finding the insight, inspiration and authenticity to live the life you really desire. Becoming in tune by answering these questions, cuts through the bull shit and overload in your mind to give you clarity and simplify the idea of who you really are and what you are really trying to achieve. This also builds your self-esteem and confidence by discovering that you already have the answers you are seeking with in you.


Leverage it for problem-solving, use it as fuel for conversations, and direct it toward finding passion and purpose. Think of passion and purpose as a push/pull effect, where passion pushes you toward something (i.e. a goal) and purpose tugs you along. Nobody likes being pushed, which is why passion only lasts for so long before it runs out. Having a purpose for what you do dramatically changes your level of living.

The Life Plan by Shannah Kennedy, is one my favourite books that i consistently access, to help me when my mind gets foggy and i start to feel overwhelmed or restless. This is not just any old book, it comes fully loaded with plenty of goodness. Shannah shares many relevant tools and strategies for teachers to improve their performance and well being. You will discover many aspects of these in our programs as we adapt them and implement them for school teachers.

There is a particular set of questions in this book that guides you to finding out who you really are and I strongly encourage you to set aside 20 minutes of quiet time to get deep into answering them. Write them down on paper or fill them out on a word document. If you are comfortable, I would love for you to email me with your responses and i will happily follow up with a phone call or email to discuss them.

Regardless, these questions are designed to help you get started on the process of clearly defining who you are and discovering your purpose. Take your time to consider each question fully and honestly, as they provide the framework that you can later use to establish your values and goals.

This activity may seem challenging for some, but it is a huge injection of self-awareness into your life that promotes the start of taking control of your life and the decisions that shape you. I have also shared my responses to these questions to allow you to fully understand what they are asking and to also paint a clearer picture of who I am and what I stand for.

Remove all distractions, find a quiet time and place and enjoy the process of getting to know yourself. I hope these questions help you clarify who you really are and also bring to life who I truly am.

Email us at for a free copy of the worksheet.

Who/What is most important to you?

My family, my friends and my students.

Positive health and well being, education and the environment.

Who/what are you inspired by and why?

I am inspired by my Dad, he had every reason to give up when he was younger and in my eyes he has made a successful life through hard work, perseverance and resilience. He is so brilliant in the way he manages to stay positive. These are some things I have been fortunate to pick up from him. I believe he has instilled good values and morals in our family and I am grateful for the life him and my Mother have provided me and my sister.

I am also inspired by people who have overcome adversity and continue to share their gifts with the world. Survivors of mental illness in particular, who are willing to be open and raw about their experience. I understand how hard it is and how important it is to support each other.

What makes you smile or brings you sheer delight?

Seeing a student or anybody for that matter, belief in themselves and realise that they have the potential to achieve any goal.

Talking about my goals, vision and what I am passionate about. I can often get caught in flow off on a tangent talking about education, health, wellbeing etc.

When have you felt you were at your best, most passionate and alive?

Speaking to groups or teams. I enjoy speaking to an audience and have loved coaching sports, instructing my students, presenting staff PD, recording videos online, podcast etc. I have recently joined a Toastmasters group to further develop this skill.

What are your natural gifts and abilities?

Bringing people together

Speaking in front of groups

Attending to people’s needs

Instructing and coaching

Writing and creating

What do you like about yourself?

I love that I have learnt to love myself, not in a narcissistic or arrogant way. But, I have become more confident, self-aware and comfortable in my own skin. This makes me respectful, innovative, caring and self less.

What mistakes have you learnt from?

Planning is essential and don't take shortcuts.

Never rush things, slow and steady wins the race. Whether it’s relationships, business decisions, career moves etc.

Don’t waste my time on negative people who bring me down, remove those around me that don’t lift me up and make me a better person.

What hardships have you overcome?

Suffering from anxiety and depression, and an emotional breakdown.

Living away from home my entire adult life.

Losing loving relationships and good people from my life.

What are you afraid of?

There isn’t much that I am afraid of.

Not fulfilling my potential and giving life everything I have got to give. I want to leave the world a better place.

Obviously, losing any loved ones.

How do you want to be remembered by your friends and family?

Self-less, caring, a traveller, help made a difference, always there to lend a hand.

What do you really want for your future?

I will be able to travel the world presenting ways to improve your quality of life and appreciation for life, I will inspire positive change to education and schooling. I will help people less fortunate and be involved in philanthropy.

Who do you need permission from to start taking responsibility?

I am still slightly holding on myself to my comfort zone. I need to let go and figure it all out myself.

I have my parents support in all that I do, but their opinion on things will always be accounted for.

What are you choosing to do?

Set big goals, take action steps and focus on them.

What areas of your life do you most want to move forward in?

Life without any anxiety would be great.

Finance! I have never been good with accounts and this is an area I would like to have more freedom.

Make a pact with yourself to be YOU Inc, and nobody else. Be proud of who you are.

Now that you have taken the time to find out who you really are, you can go about your day to day with a heightened sense of awareness. This self-awareness will provide more golden moments where you notice the joy in your day, fulfillment when you realise the amazing job do, signals rise when something or someone doesn’t feel right so you remove yourself from the situation and a clear vision for why you are doing what you are doing.

Life is one big question We have just answered fourteen big questions to help us get clarity on our lives. But, what if you were asked the question…

If today was your last day alive, what would you do?

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This is a question that comes up from time to time in a talk show, book, social media or a team building activity. The question itself is so simple, but how we answers it is so different and varied from one individual to the next…

Do you spend the entire day with your family and loved ones?

What about your students and colleagues, wouldn’t you want to say a few goodbyes?

Then you think about yourself and what things you really enjoy that make your life matter, for example: your last meal, favourite beverage, holiday destination or spa treatment that you just need one more of.

Answering this question can be a challenge, but I find it fun and enjoyable and it really shows you what matters to you.

This activity can be looked at as “What does your perfect day look like?”

If you can find the time, i encourage you to spend 10 minutes describing your perfect day. From the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to be late at night.

I would wake up in my beautiful warm bed to the sound of birds and water from the outdoor garden and ocean. I would be cuddling my wife as I awoke. Next i would walk out to our garden where the sun was hot and i had access to my yoga mat and cushion. I would do a morning flow and meditation with the ocean in the background. Next I would go for a swim in the ocean and as i walked back to the house, the kids would come running out to greet me good morning.

I would shower and then enjoy a nice fresh breakfast with my family at the table. After finishing breakfast, i would write down my daily intentions and to-do list. I would take the kids to school and then get settled in to work from a cafe or at home. I would spend my day connecting with teachers, professionals and leaders and help generate more positive growth in peoples lives.

I would take a break for lunch with my wife and then go for a surf or gym session mid afternoon, I would be waiting for my kids as i picked them up from school. Taking them for some food and drink after school, before they go to sports or training. While at training I would check in again and do some more work on SMILE.

We would enjoy dinner with my family, our parents, kids and siblings all together having a nice meal. After dinner we would play games, watch sport, enjoy wine and talk by a fire. We would all make our way to bed. I would do my daily gratitude, cuddle my wife and talk about the day and then fall asleep together.

This is what the perfect day for me would look like. But, what about you?

More importantly, what would do if today was your last day?

What loose ends would you want to tie up?

Who would you forgive or say thank you too?

Today we will finish with a short and sharp clip from, Nick Vujicic, he provides some more questions to get you thinking and the propositions that might just make you more self-aware of some other factors in your life that you need to attention.

The power of questioning can significantly change your approach to life and provide unprecedented guidance and clarity for all that you do.

Discovering your potential and finding your true purpose is one of our topics covered at our Bali Teachers Retreat in January. Book your place or find out more today. Places are filling fast.

Will you start asking more questions to get better answers?

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