Be a part of the New Year's Revolution [Must read for Teachers]

The likelihood that the person reading this has a clear and definitive plan in place for the next 12 months is “very unlikely”. Teachers' are such good planners, but do we prepare for living well?

Many teachers’ are busily finishing reports and spending their weekend slumped over the computer with their 4th cup of coffee and “Friends” on in the background… this weekend may elude many and there are a few who have the conscious awareness to stick to their guns and continue to acknowledge the space, self-care and family time they so graciously deserves.

You may be hanging in there for Christmas… when you finally get a break.

Then there is New Years, the hangover wears off and next thing it’s Australia Day and you're racing around getting ready before the new school year.

Do you have a plan for 2020?

Are you prepared to be in flow and loving every moment?

How will you have a bigger impact?

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." - Martin Luther King Jr

Teaching is a tough gig. It requires a special approach to preparing for the year ahead.

Forget the New Year’s Resolution…

Time to be a part of the New Year’s Revolution!

We are calling teachers’ to be a part of something far greater. We are aligning to empower teachers’ so that we can all contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 4 to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

Why do we need teachers’ like you to join us?

In the 2019 report on the progress of these SDG’s it was identified that;

Despite the considerable progress on education access and participation over the past years, 262 million children and youth aged 6 to 17 were still out of school in 2017, and more than half of children and adolescents are not meeting minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics.


Being a 21st century teacher is not a job it is a mission and it takes a very special person to walk in the shoes of a teacher. We are conduits for knowledge, we hear with many ears, our eyes see things that many will never comprehend, we have depth, perspective and resilience that is necessary to show up in this vocation.

We strive for excellence, we care for others, our ability to give and show compassion is often much greater than our ability to receive and show self-compassion.

We deserve love, support and personal development so that we can serve with an overflowing cup, rather than an empty cup.

Our world is changing at a rapid race and we need our educator’s who grow and move with it. Teachers' who are not confined to a rigid and democratic way of living... but instead they believe in something greater and are inspired to be that difference.

We need a movement of teachers’ who are prepared to elevate their consciousness and to then radiate this to others all over the world.

Gone are the days of opening the daily work pad to last year’s date and quickly photocopying the same lesson so that you can pass the time and count down the clock until the next lesson, next day, next term or even the next year.

Do you honestly believe that the cookie cutter approach we have been indoctrinated into is actually serving our students’?

The United Nations SDG progress report also outlined that:

Rapid technological changes present opportunities and challenges, but the learning environment, the capacities of teachers and the quality of education have not kept pace.

We most certainly cannot question your passion or determination to help your students’ improve, it is the lack of support around you that enables you to shine that must catch up. It is our understanding that the curriculum has become a giant mess of under developed content that is added to year after year, without taking much of the old stuff out. It’s like moving into a fully furnished house and taking everything with you. There is less room to move, it’s full of clutter and most of the time we don’t even know where half of it is.

"Teachers’ of the 21st century are our most valuable asset. Teachers’ are the most influential people on the planet." - Shaun Kay

Allowing teachers’ more freedom and creativity in their role will provide innovation, collaboration and direction for student focused curriculum that will pull our outmoded education system forward into the present moment.

At Smile Teachers’ we believe that by connecting conscious educators’ from all over the world, who are operating in a high performance state, will spark positive change within the school community. These teachers co-create and transform old systems, this group of educators’ is not just the catalyst for better education, they are the catalyst for better students’ and for a better world.

Join the Smile Teachers' Facebook Group for a whole new teaching community.

A fundamental shift is taking place on our planet. We are all waking up and becoming more conscious of how important ways in which we educate and nourish our mind, body and soul are for not only the survival and success of the individual is, but also how detrimental the well-being and education of each students’ is to our planet and humanity.

We believe teacher’s hold the keys to transforming education and sparking the ripple effect that will ignite “better quality education for all”. It takes just one teacher to change a life. The way you show up each day is your number 1 priority.

By combining with other teachers’, organisations and education bodies we are generating momentum to provide greater learning opportunities to all. We recently partnered with B1G1 and Genius U, to have a greater impact on marginalised groups and minorities where education and basic human needs are scarce. Just by being a part of a Smile Teachers’ event or program you are making a difference in lives somewhere in the world.

For example, when you purchase your place at a Smile Teachers’ retreat you may give the gift of education to a girl in Indonesia.

Refocused efforts are needed to improve learning outcomes for the full life cycle, especially for women, girls and marginalised people in vulnerable settings (United Nations SDG 2019 Progress Report)

Every teacher aspires to make a difference, we all love our students' and we sacrifice so much to light up there world. However, there are far too many teachers' who have lost hope, self-worth and fulfillment and the light in their world has been dimmed. We want to change this so that more teachers' can love and support one another so that they can be a high vibrational community.

This all starts with understanding yourself and conscious awareness.

Teachers’ it’s okay to be tired, stressed and feeling overwhelmed. Allow it and surrender to the feeling. Acknowledge that this happens when our inner resources are diminished by the outer demands.

You deserve a break!

We can’t continuously be giving all of our love, patience and care without being open to receive the same in return. When we neglect our own basic needs, we set off a triage of symptoms and feelings that are triggers to more stress and anxiety. The longer we spend in this cycle of reactivity (fight or flight) the faster it drains our inner battery…

The result: we lack inspiration, energy, perseverance, creativity and compassion. All the things that teachers’ need to connect, support, impact and show up as the best.

Teachers’ who are consciously aware of those little stress triggers, the moments where they may need to take a deep breath, their intuition picks up on when a student may be lonely, angry, hungry or tired and they manage to be “high on life” most days.

When you are truly conscious and present and have the inner power to lead by example and to be the positive, healthy role model you envision, you have the ultimate power to move mountains with your energy and contribution.

Do you walk with your head held high, shoulders back and a smile on your face?

How many conversations do you spark with excited and interested students?

Do your colleagues come and engage in conversation because you are infectious?

Are parents demanding that their child be in your class?

Would a school go out of it’s way to have a sparkle of your joy?

If you really forget how blessed we are take a moment to go within and reflect on where you are, who you’re surrounded by, how you got there, what you have and why you are doing what you’re doing…

Start by being grateful for what you do have and focus on this feeling...

Secondly, tune into the fact that "many developing countries still lack basic infrastructure and facilities to provide effective learning environments. Sub-Saharan Africa faces the biggest challenges: at the primary and lower secondary levels, less than half of schools have access to electricity, the Internet, computers and basic drinking water." (United Nations SDG 2019 Progress Report)

Does this resonate with you?

If you haven’t answered yes, you’re not alone.

Many teachers’ are already inspired to make a difference and are searching for the best learning and development opportunities to do this.

That’s why we launches Smile Teachers’ in 2018, because we understand the importance of self-care and self-love in education. If you don’t truly love yourself and appreciate your needs first, it is impossible to support students’ to love themselves and to learn in a safe emotional environment. When we do this together as a group of educators’ pulled forward by a greater cause, we grow, learn, heal and love more so that we can impact humanity.

Would you like to experience rapid transformation so that you can be teaching at your best?

But, you just can’t seem to figure out a way to shine at your full brightness.

We have a solution.

Have you felt this all-too-common feeling of burnout and exhaustion from working as a present leader and teacher in?

Not to mention juggling families and other responsibilities on top of it all.

Even if you’re new to teaching, it demands so much from us mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically. It can be easy to forget to give ourselves what we need to stay energised and inspired, and this is why we must choose to step away from this space for some time and connect back to why we have chosen to be thought-leaders and knowledge-inspirers in the first place.

This is where Smile Teachers comes in, and this is exactly why the Bali Retreat for teachers has been designed for YOU.

The story of the life-changing Bali Retreat...

It was birthed from my own experience, as I mentioned earlier because I know what it feels like to go through this and come out of the other side. Some of you may thankfully have not have felt this intensity, though I’m sure all of us, at some point, have felt that energy of constantly giving and not filling ourselves up in the process.

In 2016, I was battling against the impact that burnout and mental illness were having on my teaching performance and lifestyle. My relationships with others suffered, but more importantly, my relationship with myself was horrific. Of course, this had follow-on effects to everything I did in my life - my work included.

The self-doubt, pity, worry, and anxiety that had manifested was draining me of all my energy and causing me to lose my sense of purpose and inspiration. I lacked courage, perspective, and resilience and this left me feeling empty, isolated and with no sense of fulfillment. I wasn't making time for me and I became more stressed about being stressed.

I had lost my direction and my students deserved better. This was no place for a teacher to be and I had to take a break to face the dark clouds in my life.

3 years later...

I am now the proud and inspiring retreat leader and founder of Smile Teachers.

Through the pain and adversity of being at rock bottom, I had no other option but to get up and grow, and during this transformational process, I discovered the greatest gift of all...


The tools and strategies that I discovered helped me to transform my life and career, now I am collaborating with a range of experts to share the most powerful ways to cultivate self-love and teach well. We have a fabulous program that combines teacher professional learning with self-care.

I am living proof that by investing in a program like this, you will develop a whole new sense of vitality. Immersing yourself in this unique and powerful experience on the "island of the Gods" provides teachers with a chance to hit pause and take a deep breath while they reconnect and nourish their mind, body, and soul.

The Bali Retreat is facilitated by a team who are passionate about changing the lives of teachers so that our schools have inspiring and passionate educators who are full of self-love and positivity. We understand the challenges that teachers and leaders face and we are ready to show you how to live with more energy, love, and abundance.

Our next retreat is happening in Bali from the 12-18th of January 2020 and we are accepting applications from teachers who are committed to starting the year with a plan for their health, happiness and education.

Much love,

Shaun Kay

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