Happy Losers

Have you ever been a part of a good team?

I don't mean one that won all the time but one that was fun to work with.

I once played country indoor cricket with team that regularly came last in the league because we quite rightly recognised that we were just playing indoor cricket in a shed in a small country town.

We only ever beat the teams who disrespected our enjoyment or who were much too serious.

The rest of the time we all played for the sheer enjoyment of it and as relaxation from the hard work of the week.

To days clip is one of the greatest teamwork clips of all time.

Form a team of happy losers today and find something to do that makes you all smile.

The "after work slow walking club" or the "smile during meetings society" or even the "not too worried about tomorrow focus group" will do!

Be Happy, Teach Well

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