Feature a Teacher Friday [Ms Gordon]

Meet a young teacher who is taking her first steps in the education world. She has passion to boot and an attitude that is going to see her soar with the right support.

We love what Meagan gets up to with her class and the investment she makes in her teaching. Following her journey and being their to support Meagan and other teachers is what we love doing most.

We welcome Meagan to the Smile Teachers Community, here is more about the wonderful kindy teacher, Ms Meagan Gordon.

Ms Meagan Gordon

This cake wasn't for her birthday!

This cake wasn't for her birthday!

It was for the amount of effort she puts in... 100%

She teachers Kindy.

Loves photography.

Has a great SMILE!

What is your current role and level of experience?

I am a new graduate teacher, teaching Kindergarten. I’ve been given the opportunity to start my teaching degree with 20 sweet young minds who are also starting their schooling journey.

What do you love most about teaching Kindergarten?

I love that each day is completely different to the last. The children are forever growing and learning new things. It’s quite refreshing and leaves me with a sense of fulfilment.

What are your strengths as a teacher?

I pride myself in the relationships I am able to develop with each child. I understand their unique personalities and am able to use this knowledge to differentiate my teaching and cater to their learning style.

Describe yourself as a teacher in three words.

Consistent, energetic and invested.

What's the funniest thing that's happened this year?

Something funny happens everyday in my class. I love how innocent young minds can be. My students were describing what I looked like as I was modelling how to draw a self portrait and they said “Don’t forget to include all the dots on your face!” meaning my freckles. It was so sweet.

What things do you do to build strong positive relationships with your students?

I like to spend time at the beginning of the year conferencing with each student and their family and get to know the things that interest them. I continually check in with them and try and incorporate this into their learning - providing experiences that are open ended and always include their voice.

How do you think we can better prepare beginning teachers for their career?

University students need to be exposed to more ‘behind the scenes’ work that teachers deal with daily. The emails, data meetings, conferencing with parents, the order in which things take place at schools - e.g. diagnosis’s of a disability and the process in which to receive support in the classroom.

Once in a school environment, the school leadership team need to over see and continually check in with their beginning teachers. You can never have enough knowledge or supporting this profession.

What has been your most rewarding teaching experience, please describe?

The ‘lightbulb’ moment when a student learns something new and is proud of themselves. It seems to be something that everyone talks about, but once you’ve experienced it, you truly believe it is the most rewarding experience. I will never forget these moments with my students.

Outline your favourite lesson to teach, what would you have the kids do?

I love to teach lessons based off quality literature read in class. Be it writing lessons inspired by the text from the story or creating artwork, dances and songs that show each students unique interpretation from what they’ve read.

What do you do to check in with yourself and stay focused on the job?

Thanks to the encouragement from another teacher on Instagram, I’ve started to reflect on the three good things each day. This is always a nice reminder as to why I chose teaching and keeps my mind positive and focused on the bigger picture.

How do you manage your stress level and maintain positive well-being to be happy and teach well?

I include many brain breaks throughout the day for both my students and myself. I find it helps keep them on track with their learning and keeps my mind positive and happy. I always join in with my students during yoga, dance and mindfulness time. These experiences are more valuable when we do them together.

What's the most recent thing you have done that took you out of your comfort zone?

My school recently was being reviewed and in that process I had one the reviewers spontaneously drop in to observe my class and ask me some questions. As a new graduate, having people observe my teaching and class is something I am still getting used to. This experience definitely put me on the spot and outside of my comfort zone.

What hobbies/interests do you have outside of teaching?

Something I enjoy outside of teaching is nature photography, in particular, photographing the sunset. I also find time during the week for gym circuits, netball, pilates and walking my dog to be beneficial to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Find her on Instagram @msgordon_x

The school year is winding down, what are you most excited for the remainder of the year?

I’m excited to see the ever continuing growth of my students. They’re getting older and bigger and some of them are so ready for year 1.

Is there any particular area you would love to see covered by SMILE Teachers?

I have really enjoyed seeing and reading blogs and posts that focus on ways to keep ourselves as teachers happy and healthy. I’d love for this area to continue to be covered by SMILE Teachers.

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